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JCP’s Mission is to Support High Profile and Complex Projects to achieve extraordinary performance through collaboration
We have been highly successful at this over the past 20 years in SE Asia and 35 years in UK.
Programs that use our collaborative experience run more smoothly, deliver on or ahead of schedule and work within or under budget.

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The Collaboration Journey – Team Integration, Alignment & Collaborative Culture Development

This theme has been the bedrock for JCP and its core business for over 30 years, initially in UK then worldwide. This includes ‘Partnering’, ‘Alliancing’, ‘Collaborative Contracting’ and  ‘Integrated Project Delivery’.

The philosophy applies not only to multi party project teams comprising client, architect, engineer, main contractor and sub-contractors; but also to whole organisations, depatments or teams.

Without the whole team being aligned to their objectives, code of behaviour and to the way they will work together, then it is unlikely that they will ever achieve their objectives. Our process is to assess where the team currently is and design an initial Launch / Alignment Workshop to start the process. This will generally include changing minsets from traditional views. After the workshop a Join Champion’s Team creates and implements a follow up plan to embed, monitor and sustain the new way of working, which will include Champion’s Meetings and Project Review Workshops.

Our approach goes much further than just team-building, high performing teams will never be formed outside the work context. So, as well as the focus on behaviours and relationships, our workshops always focus on real business issues; identifying challenges, problems, barriers or risks. The deliverable will be an action plan to collaboratively address the issues and improve performance to ensure the achievement of their business objectives.

  • The Collaboration Journey / Process Map
  • Launch / Alignment Workshop
  • Champion Meeting facilitation
  • Project Review Workshop
  • Task Team/Problem Solving Workshop
  • Changing Mind-sets & behaviours
  • Harvesting the ‘golden eggs’ (the hidden waste)
  • Leading a Collaborative Team
  • Collaboration Journey clients/projects

Value engineering or value management is a core part of our project improvement strategy.  VE is often poorly understood and implemented and perceived to be just  a cost-cutting exercise.  JCP use the internationally recognised systematic process compliant with ‘SAVE’ requirements, within a highly collaborative environment to involve as many ‘stakeholders’ as is practical, who can truly contribute to adding value. The process is about using the synergy of this wide range of stakeholders to be creative in generating new options and possibilities, preferably at various stages during the design process. The VE process starts by analysing the ‘functions’ of the project and then select the best creative ideas which satisfy the ‘functions’, not necessarily at the lowest cost, but for the best value.

  • JCP Approach to the VM/VE Process
    • Our approach will be in accordance with the specified requirements and best international practice.Value Engineering aims at establishing the functional objectives of a project and identifying and reviewing all the options that may meet the specified requirements. The options are analyzed against agreed criteria so that those that satisfy the requirements, at best value for money can be developed into a recommended solution. It also helps to enhance communication and understanding of the project for all parties involved. Put simply it is about maximizing the function:


                      USE OF RECOURCES

      The strategy adopted in value engineering has a number of important characteristics including the following:

      • The study must be performed by a group of individuals who represent a broad spread of the skills and disciplines involved in the project
      • The workshop provides a forum for the participants to express opinions and concerns freely.  There must be no hierarchy and all participants are free to make suggestions without fear or favour;
      • Because VE involves freedom of expression, all participants are free to challenge assumptions and even current practice;
      • Because of the structured group process, synergy is obtained which results in each person having a better understanding of other peoples’ perspectives;
      • Information Stage. Workshop participants share information about the project and actively listen to peers providing their experience. The project team is asked to give short, previously prepared, presentations and take questions to establish a common understanding of the project objectives, constraints and current design ideas.
      • Analysis Stage. Participants establish a common understanding of the functional objectives of the project.  A FAST diagram will be used as a tool for the group to discuss and agree the functional objectives and judgment criteriafor determining the best value solutions.
      • Creative Thinking Stage. Workshop participants are asked to consider the strengths and weaknesses of current design ideas and to brainstorm value improvements. All ideas are welcome, as even those that are seemingly unsuitable may spark creative solutions.
      • Evaluation Stage. When all ideas have been listed, participants are asked to evaluate the options, using the judgment criteria identified during the analysis stage.
      • Development Stage.  The short listed value improvement ideasare then agreed with action plans to ensure that responsible people are identified to validate the chosen ideas for implementation.
  • JCP VM/VE Clients/Projects

    Hong Kong

    • Civil Engineering and Development Department
      • Site Formation and Infrastructure Works for Public Housing Developments at Tseung Kwan O – Investigation, Design and Construction 2019
      • Study on Proposed Multi-storey Buildings in Hung Shui Kiu New Development Area for Brownfield Operations – Feasibility Study 2017
      • Kai Tak Development – Waterfront Promenade (Road D3 Metro Park Section) 2017
      • Site Formation and Infrastructures for Development at Pok Fu Lam South – Investigation, Design and Construction 2017
      • Kai Tak Development – Trunk Road T2 and Infrastructure at South Apron Investigation, Design and Construction 2017
      • Anderson Road Quarry Housing Development Formation, 2015
      • Road Widening for the Provision of Columbarium at Wo Hop Shek Cemetery – Phase II and III Development – Feasibility Study, 2014
    • Architectural Services Department

      • A 30-classroom Primary School at Tsuen Wan West Station Development, Tsuen Wan 2019
      • Heritage Conservation and Resource Centre in Area 109, Tin Shui Wai2019
      • A 30-classroom Primary School at Pok Chuen Street, Shui Chuen O, Shatin, The Tung Wah Group of Hospitals 2018
      • Second 30-classroom Primary School at Queen’s Hill, Fanling for Tung Wah Group of Hospitals 2018
      • First 30-classroom Primary School at Queen’s Hill, Fanling for The General of the Salvation Army 2018
      • Redevelopment of Kowloon Tsai Swimming Pool 2017
      • Departmental Quarters for Customs and Excise Department at Tsz Wan Shan, Kowloon 2016
      • Lung Tsun Stone Bridge Preservation Corridor At Kai Tak – Feasibility Study 2016
      • Kai Tak Station Square, Kowloon City District – Feasibility Study 2016
      • Swimming Pool Complex and Open Space in the Area 107, Tin Shui Wai – Feasibility Study 2016
      • Provisioning of Hong Kong Post’s Headquarters at General Post Office to a G/IC Site at Wang Chin Street, Kowloon – Feasibility Study 2015
      • Construction of a Special School for Students with Diverse and Multiple Disabilities in Area 108, Tung Chung 2015
      • Reprovisioning of Tung Wan Mok Law Shui Wah School at Area 2B, Tuen Mun & 16 Classrooms Special Schools with Boarding Facilitates 2015
      • Construction of a Permanent Food Safety Laboratory at 800 Victoria Road HK$2.7 – 2014
      • A New Police Station for Tai Kok Tsui Division at Sham Mong Road, West Kowloon Reclamation 2014
      • Departmental Quarters for Immigration Department at 20 Heng Lam Street (HK$1bn – 2014
    • Hospital Authority
      • Kwong Wah Hospital Campus Redevelopment (HK$10bn) 2013 – 2017
    • Drainage Services Department
      • Drainage Improvement Works in Ta Kwu Ling, 2019
      • Rehabilitation of Underground Sewers and Drains 2019
      • Drainage Improvement Works in Mong Kok 2018
      • Inter-Reservoir Transfer Scheme (IRTS) Water Tunnel Between Kowloon Byewash Reservoir and Lower Shing Mun Reservoir 2018 (V+R) 2018
      • Lei Yue Mun Village Sewerage 2016
      • Sai Kung Sewage Treatment Works to Caverns 2016
    • Water Supplies Department
      • Relocation of Diamond Hill Fresh Water and Salt Water Service Reservoirs to Caverns – Feasibility Study 2016
    • Highways Department
      • Braemar Hill Pedestrian Link 2018
    • Hong Kong Housing Authority
      • Sport Centre, 5-a-side soccer pitch and Public Library Facilitates at Northwest Kowloon Reclamation Site 6 2015
    • Hong Kong Jockey Club
      • Central Police Station – Block 4 Recovery Options Value Engineering Study 2016


    • CP2M/MoF

      • New Science Centre (NSC)2019
      • SIT New Campus at Punggol North 2017
      • Punggol Regional Sport Centre 2017
      • Second road link to Jurong Island – feasibility & preliminary engineering study 2017
      • Singapore General Hospital Elective Care Centre – preliminary design 2017
      • MOT/LTA Office Building and Transport Hub at Jurong Gateway – preliminary design 2016
    • Land Transport Authority
      • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services for Cross Island Line Eastern Leg (CRLe) Depot 2018
      • Jurong Innovation District – preliminary design 2017
      • Jurong Region Line Depot M&E engineering services – preliminary design 2016
      • Jurong Region Line Mainline advance engineering – preliminary design 2016
      • Jurong Region Line Mainline advance engineering – conceptual design 2016
      • Cross Island Line Engineering – feasibility Study 2016
      • Cross-Island Line Alignment – feasibility stage 2015
    • Changi Airport Group
      • Intra-Terminal Tunnel (Megaspine) for Changi East at Singapore Changi Airport 2018
      • Changi Airport Intra Airside Road Connection 2017
      • Advance Engineering Study for The Proposed Cross Island Line Eastern Leg (Crle) From Sin Ming to Changi – Mainline Package B 2017
      • Advance Engineering Study for The Proposed Cross Island Line Eastern (Crle) Depot & Mainline Package A 2017
      • Intra-Terminal Tunnel (Megaspine) for Changi East at Singapore Changi Airport 2017
      • Changi Airport T2 to T5 inter terminal tunnel – preliminary design 2017

    Kuala Lumpur

    • MRT
      • KVMRT LINE 3 – Circle Line (CCL) CAG Tunnel – TKE Workshop 2018
      • KVMRT LINE 3 – Circle Line (CCL) CAG Tunnel – Procurement Option Workshop 2017
      • Klang Valley MASS Rapid Transit (KVMRT) Line 3 – Circle line 2016
      • HSR+MRT Interchange Kuala Lumpur June 2015
      • Klang Valley Line 2 – Depot and Railway Systems May 2015
      • Klang Valley Line 2 scheme design elevated and underground sections – Mar 2015
      • Klang Valley Line 2 Alignment – MRTC Kuala Lumpur – March 2014
    • Dubai
      • Value Engineering Study for Upgrading Dubai – Al Ain Road – RTA 2018
  • Oman
    • Value Engineering Study for Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre  – OCEC 2012

We are the premier provider of VE services in HK and Singapore.
We have conducted over 30 studies for HK Government Dept projects, over 20 in Singapore and Malaysia and 2 in the Middle east

We are here to support the industry for the successful transition from traditional contract to NEC through training, tender preparation and contract advisory services for clients, consultants, contractors and quantity surveyors. Our professionals have been providing NEC advisory services in Hong Kong since 2009 and have monitored the evolvement of the practices in NEC contract administration. The in-depth knowledge of the contract and well-connected network from government officials to subcontractors make us a resourceful support to enable win-win outcome in your project. Of particular importance is the creation of a collaborative environment to meet the requirement that the parties “shall act as stated in this contract and in a spirit of mutual trust and cooperation”, which is mandated in all NEC options. JCP’s unsurpassed experience of forging collaborative relationships and cultures uniquely qualifies us to ensure that your NEC contracts actual work as intended and deliver exceptional outcomes!!


  • The NEC Training
    Although the Government has been using NEC contract for more than 10 years now, it is still relatively new to a lot of building contractors, especially the Option C target contract. There have been many examples in the industry of wrong pricing of NEC contracts due to lack of understanding, leading to disqualification of tenders, insufficient funding for contract execution, a lack of cooperation and even disputes, jeopardizing the Project programme. JCP’s unique training, with a focus on collaborative behaviours, is the key to ensuring all parties are familiar with the contract and the philosophy underpinning it, which is the cornerstone for successful project implementation.
  • The Collaborative Journey (Partnering)
    Implementing NEC and collaboration are symbiotic, particularly in a target cost contract, where the cost saving will primarily come from a step change in working collaboratively delivering innovation and enhanced productivity. JCP will support the integrated project team along the collaborative journey, with the tools and techniques of workshops, reviews, leadership and measurement described elsewhere on this site. It is important to note that Development Bureau’s NEC practice notes (click) suggest the need for embracing this philosophy with Partnering Workshops and Champion Group Meetings
  • NEC Support
    With our NEC specialists, JCP, is the leader in the market of providing best in quality contract advice, training and partnering services. They have a proven track record of success most notably in DSD Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage System, which was completed 1 year ahead of the programme, having a gain share of about HK$40 million, which was nominated as the NEC Project of Year in 2017 by ICE and highly commended by the public. Another project which our advisors supported was CEDD Contract NE/2015/01, which also achieved 1-year advance completion and is was NEC Project of Year 2018.
  • JCP NEC Clients/Projects
    JCP have supported many Government projects with our NEC Advisory Services. See list of projects

These include the 1st NEC project in HK and the first to use NEC Option 3 Target Cost contract
Fuk Man Road with Cost saving: 5% and Time saving: 6 months advance completion.  We provided NEC advisory services (2009-2012)

Happy Valley project (2012-2018) with cost saving: 110 million (10%) and time saving: 14 months advance completion.

NEC Experience in Hong Kong

  • Drainage Services Department
    • Improvement of Fuk Man Road Nullah in Sai Kung (ECC Option C), 2009
    • Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme (ECC Option C), 2012
    • Sewerage at Yuen Long Kau Hui and Shap Pat Heung (ECC Option D), 2013
    • Construction of an Additional Sewage Rising Main between Tung Chung and Siu Ho Wan and Associated Works (ECC Option D), 2016
    • Construction of Dry Weather Flow Interceptor at Cherry Street Box Culvert, Contract No. DC/2017/01 (NEC ECC Option C), 2018
    • Rehabilitation of Trunk Sewers in Kowloon, Shatin and Sai Kung, Contract No. DC/2017/02 (NEC ECC Option D), 2018
    • Upgrading of West Kowloon and Tsuen Wan Sewerage – Phase 1, Contract No. DC/2017/03 (NEC ECC Option B), 2018
    • Enhancement Works for Kwun Tong Sewage Pumping Station, Contract No. DC/2017/05 (NEC ECC Option C), 2018
    • Upgrading of Kwun Tong Preliminary Treatment Works, Contract No. DE/2017/01 (NEC ECC Option C), 2018
    • Lei Yue Mun Village Sewerage, Contract No. DC/2018/04 (NEC ECC Option D), 2019
    • Inter-Reservoirs Transfer Scheme – Water Tunnel between Kowloon Byewash Reservoir and Lower Shing Mun Reservoir, Contract No. DC/2018/08, (NEC ECC Option C), 2019
    • Rehabilitation of Trunk Sewers in Tuen Mun, Contract No. DC/2018/09, (NEC ECC Option D), 2019
  • Civil Engineering and Development Department
    • Widening of the Footbridge Connecting Pak Wo Road to MTR Fanling Station (ECC Option D), 2017
    • Landslip Prevention and Mitigation Programme, 2014, Package K, Landslip Prevention and Mitigation Works in Hong Kong Island, New Territories and Outlying Islands (ECC Option B), 2015
    • Road Widening and Retrofitting Noise Barriers on Tai Po Road (Shatin Section), Contract No. NE/2017/05 (ECC Option C), 2017
    • Kai Tak Development – Stage 3B Infrastructure at Former North Apron Area, Contract No. KL/2015/03 (ECC Option B), 2017
    • Development of Lok Ma Chau Loop – Land Decontamination and Advance Engineering Works, Contract No. YL/2017/03 (NEC ECC Option C), 2017
  • Architectural Services Department
    • Consultancy Agreement No. 9AF112 for A 30-classroom Primary School at Site No. KT2c, Development at Anderson Road, Kwun Tong, 2017 (NEC ECC Option C)
  • Drainage Services Department
    • Condition Survey and Rehabilitation of Underground Sewers and Stormwater Drains-Stage 1, Contract No. DC/2018/10 (NEC ECC Option B), 2019
    • Construction of Village Sewerage at Peng Chau and Mui Wo, Modification Works at Tai Po and Siu Ho Wan Sewage Treatment Works and Minor Drainage and Sewerage Works in Urban Area and New Territories, Contract No. DC/2018/01 (NEC ECC Option B), 2019
    • Rehabilitation of Trunk Sewers in Tuen Mun, Contract No. DC/2018/09 (NEC ECC Option D), 2019
  • Project Support
    • Developing and supporting project teams in the delivery of time, cost and SHEQ targets
    • Risk Management
    • Project Health Check


  • Procurement
    • Development of the right collaborative procurement strategy
    • Development of partner/supply chain selection strategy  for a collaborative project
    • Supply Chain Behavioural Assessment Workshop
    • Tendering ‘Winning Strategy’ Workshop/Consultancy
    • Bid Team Development ‘Winning Team’ Workshop
    • Bid preparation facilitation


  • Leadership and Team Development
    • Leadership Development Workshop
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Team Building Workshop
    • Developing High Performance Teams
    • Cultural Alignment Workshop
    • Verbal Behavioural Awareness Workshop



  • Organizational Development
    • Company Retreat/Offsite
    • Business Excellence Workshop
    • Organizational Strategy Development and Alignment
    • Business Development Workshop
    • Strategic Planning Workshop


Our Team

Lillian Chan

Lillian Chan

Lillian has 30 years’ experience in business improvement consultancy services. Including; the delivery of partnering, risk and value engineering programs and NEC implementation workshops for project teams.

David Maxwell
Director & Co-founder

David Maxwell

David, an engineer by background, has been a consultant and expert facilitator improving performance on major construction projects worldwide for 20 years, based on embedding a collaborative culture.

Bryan Clifford
Director and Co-founder

Bryan Clifford

Bryan, a civil engineer by profession, has championed the cause of improvement in Hong Kong projects for 20 years. He is a skilled facilitator for: value engineering, partnering and risk management and is past President of the HKIVM and APM Chairman.

Albert Lau
Associate Director

Albert Lau

Albert is an accomplished business leader with strengths in re-engineering business processes, driving continuous improvement and building powerful and coherent teams to achieve high demand goals.

Dennis Li Yan Chun
Associate Director

Dennis Li Yan Chun

Dennis is a civil engineer as well as an NEC Consultant. His work is to provide much-needed contract advisory and collaborative working facilitation for the industry with the core objective of enabling win-win outcome.

KH Fok
Associate Director

KH Fok

KH is a civil engineer by profession, an active collaborative contracting practitioner and NEC trainer, and a value engineering and risk management specialist.

Ir Lewis Ho
Associate Director

Ir Lewis Ho

Lewis Ho is both a Mechanical and Gas Engineer.  Throughout his 30 years of service in the HKSARG, Lewis has gained a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills in strategic planning and change management.

Carmen Lee
Senior Consultant

Carmen Lee

Carmen has a background in psychology and HR and has 20 years of experience in business improvement consultancy services. She is fully trained in the facilitation of JCP workshops.

Karen Chong

Karen Chong

Karen is experienced in the delivery of partnering programs, risk and value engineering workshops for project teams. She is fully trained in the facilitation of JCP workshops, which includes group psychology and dynamics and follow-up coaching.