JCP Consultancy International Limited


Web Based Workshops

JCP has developed a high competency in facilitating workshops using web based platforms, which have demonstrated many advantages over face to face events:

  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Immediately accessible and comprehensive multi-media communication, asynchronous and synchronous
  • Very efficient utilisation of multiple break-out rooms
  • Better control of workshop process and participant interaction
  • Prevents side discussions
  • Opportunity to combine different approaches
  • Reduced need for post-workshop documentation
  • Supports different kinds of personalities, learning styles¬†and communication styles
  • Easy to select and change break-out room membership and return to main room

We can run all of our programmes featured in this website, plus any tailor made events to meet client needs.

Key elements of the JCP process for conducting successful workshops:

  • Our preference is to use Adobe Connect, which has good functionality for multi-media communications, but Zoom is also functional, both these platforms can accommodate up to 10 breakout rooms
  • If we need to use a high level of functionality then we would Invite all participants to a pre-workshop session, to introduce and practice the platform functions
  • In complex or workshops with large number of participants we would nominate suitable breakout room facilitators and providing a robust pre workshop training session for them to practice all the functionality to be used at the event. They will have the ability to steer and support participants in their group
  • When using basic functions, we use a fun ice breaker at the outset to ensure participants get a feel for using the tools and relieving any anxiety that might exist
  • Changing the group mix in breakout groups at different phases of the process
  • We use the Miro tool when there is a need to optimise the generation of ideas from participants. This allows for using sticky notes in a very user friendly interactive and inclusive manner in consolidation of ideas and buy-in of the outputs.
  • JCP facilitators are continually proactive with all participants to ensure that pace of the workshop is maintained, by strict time setting and timekeeping. Using platform chat to give clear instruction on timing
  • Frequently visit all break-out rooms to ensure they are on track. Our facilitators will be using multiple devices in order to observe and interact with breakout groups simultaneously