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NEC Advisory Services

We are here to support the industry for the successful transition from traditional contract to NEC through training, tender preparation and contract advisory services for clients, consultants, contractors and quantity surveyors. Our professionals have been providing NEC advisory services in Hong Kong since 2009 and have monitored the evolvement of the practices in NEC contract administration. The in-depth knowledge of the contract and well-connected network from government officials to subcontractors make us a resourceful support to enable win-win outcome in your project. Of particular importance is the creation of a collaborative environment to meet the requirement that the parties “shall act as stated in this contract and in a spirit of mutual trust and cooperation”, which is mandated in all NEC options. JCP’s unsurpassed experience of forging collaborative relationships and cultures uniquely qualifies us to ensure that your NEC contracts actual work as intended and deliver exceptional outcomes!!

  • The NEC Training
    Although the Government has been using NEC contract for more than 10 years now, it is still relatively new to a lot of building contractors, especially the Option C target contract. There have been many examples in the industry of wrong pricing of NEC contracts due to lack of understanding, leading to disqualification of tenders, insufficient funding for contract execution, a lack of cooperation and even disputes, jeopardizing the Project programme. JCP’s unique training, with a focus on collaborative behaviours, is the key to ensuring all parties are familiar with the contract and the philosophy underpinning it, which is the cornerstone for successful project implementation.
  • The Collaborative Journey (Partnering)
    Implementing NEC and collaboration are symbiotic, particularly in a target cost contract, where the cost saving will primarily come from a step change in working collaboratively delivering innovation and enhanced productivity. JCP will support the integrated project team along the collaborative journey, with the tools and techniques of workshops, reviews, leadership and measurement described elsewhere on this site. It is important to note that Development Bureau’s NEC practice notes (click) suggest the need for embracing this philosophy with Partnering Workshops and Champion Group Meetings
  • NEC Support
    With our NEC specialists, JCP, is the leader in the market of providing best in quality contract advice, training and partnering services. They have a proven track record of success most notably in DSD Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage System, which was completed 1 year ahead of the programme, having a gain share of about HK$40 million, which was nominated as the NEC Project of Year in 2017 by ICE and highly commended by the public. Another project which our advisors supported was CEDD Contract NE/2015/01, which also achieved 1-year advance completion and is was NEC Project of Year 2018.
  • JCP NEC Clients/Projects
    JCP have supported many Government projects with our NEC Advisory Services.