JCP Consultancy International Limited


Our Other Expert Services

  • Project Support
    • Developing and supporting project teams in the delivery of time, cost and SHEQ targets
    • Risk Management
    • Project Health Check
  • Procurement
    • Development of the right collaborative procurement strategy
    • Development of partner/supply chain selection strategy  for a collaborative project
    • Supply Chain Behavioural Assessment Workshop
    • Tendering ‘Winning Strategy’ Workshop/Consultancy
    • Bid Team Development ‘Winning Team’ Workshop
    • Bid preparation facilitation
  • Leadership and Team Development
    • Leadership Development Workshop
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Team Building Workshop
    • Developing High Performance Teams
    • Cultural Alignment Workshop
    • Verbal Behavioural Awareness Workshop
  • Organizational Development
    • Company Retreat/Offsite
    • Business Excellence Workshop
    • Organizational Strategy Development and Alignment
    • Business Development Workshop
    • Strategic Planning Workshop